Two Women Always A Step Ahead

When Mary Ann Block and Joan Anderson met over 30 years ago, they immediately recognized the similarities between them. Neither was willing to accept the limits of status quo, especially when it came to their children. Creative and always looking for a better way, they became collaborators as well good friends.

Their children benefited when the mothers broke rank with the food and safety norms of the time by doing such things as seat belting their children before it was the law and making their own foods without chemicals before health food stores came to their city. 

They both took separate paths that supported joint efforts and goals. Mary Ann became a physician when her daughter became ill from prescription drugs and then helped others like herself, who were looking for answers.

Joan became an investigative medical reporter and spent her career helping patients make safer and healthier choices though information she uncovered in her research.

Both have helped make improvements in the lives of others. Later they came together, to build a company to help fulfill their life-long work. This is how two women, always a step ahead, found answers that shatter the status quo and fuel their mission to make life better for their families and yours. 

Developing and building the Clarity Chair, that can help a multitude of problems suffered by too many people, is a testament to their dedication and to their company’s mission.

Dr. Mary Ann Block 


Joan Anderson 

Co-Founder & President

Ashley Millerick