You Built Your Business

Clarity Chair Technology Will Help You Grow It

Our location partners are the connectors that allow Clarity Chair to help as many people as possible, live the life they deserve, free of the symptoms and issues caused when the brain is injured or dysfunctional. We want people, your patients and clients, to have access to technology now making improved brain function accessible with an affordable, safe, fast and effective method. There are numerous ways a company or practice could align with Clarity Chair.  You are a doctor who treats patients suffering from neurological issues, own a business that connects you with athletes looking for peak performance or suffers concussions, or have a business that knows that its community will want access to this technology and you see the value in being the person who has can provide it to them. Our location partners are who bring next-generation brain improvement technology to people who need and want it.

Act now and have the foresight to see the power of bringing Clarity Chair to your community